Best Ottawa Beers for Saint Paddy’s Day! Written by Leah Cross, Digital Analyst for Armada Marketing.  A holiday revolved around wearing green and drinking copious amounts of beer? Sign us up! St. Patrick’s day is on its way and with that in mind, we thought we’d share 5 of the best-tasting local beers Ottawa has to offer. Dominion City A personal favorite of this blogger’s, even among international brands. Pay a visit to their brewery in Gloucester and try some of their generous-sized samples. The workers are extremely friendly and will take the time to get to know your tastes to assure you leave with a grumble of your favorite beer. They are constantly creating new flavors and varieties, making each visit different and exciting. One of their most popular brands seems to be the Town & Country Blonde Ale. Make sure to keep your grumble jars and return them to the brewery when you go back to restock because they will give you a discount on your next jug o’ beer! Or, keep them in a flower vase like I did! ⦁ Beau’s One of Ottawa’s longest-standing breweries, their beer is a classic choice. They currently are promoting an Irish-style red ale that is aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey casks. If you enjoy beers with a smooth, malty, caramel or coffee taste, then give this one a shot! Other classic choices that many of you have probably seen in bars are their IPA and Lug-Tread brands. Fun fact; send back the cardboard packaging your beer came in to redeem points that go towards great merchandise such as beer glasses, hats, and t-shirts! Visit their website to view all of the merch your points can earn you! ⦁ ABC (Ashton Brewing Company) A truly perfect choice if your goal is to actually celebrate the Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day. In the early 1970s, one of the very first authentic Irish pubs in Ottawa was built. This pub is Patty’s and is home to this crisp, delicious beer brand. The beer is brewed on-site at Ashton Brew Pub and served alongside classic English pub eats such as Inland Fish and Chips, Cornish Pasties, and Boxty’s. Am I the only who just started salivating? ⦁ Beyond the Pale This brewery gets an A+ for exciting flavor varieties. Not a huge fan of beer and prefer sweeter drinks? Try their legendary Pink Fuzz! It’s a crisp, wheat beer tinted with grapefruit flavor that is wonderful to drink during a hot, sunny day on one of Ottawa’s many patios. Their Aromatherapy beer is another popular choice for those who enjoy a refreshing IPA. Not only are their flavor varieties on point, but their tall can graphic designs are also so vibrant, you’ll want to buy one out of sheer attraction to its beauty. Broadhead A huge hit in the Byward market! The name is a humorous reference to the large heads of the men who founded this beer…no, I’m not kidding. Two local Ottawa chaps, Josh Larocque and Shane Matte, were eager to learn how to make their own beers and started brewing in their basement. One day they brewed a particularly delicious batch and the liquid courage inspired them to start a company. The high quality of texture and flavor is proof that this is a brewery run with a deep passion for beer and beer culture and is worth a try!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all! Remember to be safe and support your local businesses!