Do you own a gym or work as a personal trainer? This article is for you! Although it may be hard to connect with customers right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t help clients stay healthy during this time! Continuing to reach out to customers even through Covid-19 is a great way to build a strong customer base and to make your business stand out from other competing gyms in the industry. Implement these 5 marketing tips to continue growing your business during the pandemic. 

  1. Promote deals on memberships

Offering competitive prices in this industry is important when attempting to gain a high market share. Providing a discount on membership prices during the pandemic is a great way to attract new members and increase sales. Offereing 20% off on all memberships for a specific time period, or offering a free personal training session with the purchase of a membership are both great deals that will attract a larger customer base. Promote your membership deals on Instagram and Facebook and watch your sales climb!

  1. Offer free workout classes via Facebook live

Offering a free workout class for existing and potential clients is a great way to get the company name out there and it gives clients something to look forward to. Offering a free class on Facebook live also gives potential clients a chance to try your services out before they purchase a membership. This is a great way to achieve service differentiation and to build brand loyalty!

  1. Offer virtual personal training sessions

If you usually offer one-on-one personal training sessions to customers, who’s to say you can’t continue? Offering personalized at home workouts is a great way to continue these one-on-one personal training sessions and it also allows you to better connect with your clients! Set up a weekly or bi-weekly facetime call with clients and walk them through each session just as you normally would. This is a great way to continue personal training operations during the pandemic!

  1. Start an email list with at home workouts and recipes

Keep your clients involved with an email list! Send a weekly email out to existing clients with 30 min at home workouts and some healthy recipes they can try out. Not only is this a great way to keep your clients happy during the pandemic, it will also get them talking about your business in a positive light!

  1. Start a virtual fitness challenge 

A fitness challenge is a great way to advertise your business as it gets clients involved and gets them talking about your business! Create a monthly workout plan with a different activity every day for a month and see which of your clients can complete the whole month of workouts! Or get your clients to track how many kilometers they walk/run in a week and see who has gone the furthest! Promote your fitness challenge on any social media platform and get your clients involved. 

If you own a gym or work as a personal trainer, there are still many ways you can market your business and attract new customers during the pandemic! Try these 5 marketing tips to make your business stand out and watch sales climb. There are many ways you can continue to connect with clients and don’t forget the magic of social media marketing! Continue to support your clients during this difficult time, and they will support you back.