The operations of most major companies are definitely looking a little different during this time of difficulty and hardship. Many companies have had to cut back on production, lay off a mass amount of employees, and some have had to shut down altogether. Because Amazon has been fortunate enough to stay running during this pandemic, should they not be doing whatever it takes to make sure their employees feel comfortable and safe while in the workplace? 

Tim Bray, a senior engineer at Amazon has resigned from the company due to his concerns about how the company is dealing with the situation. This was a respectable decision as he acted upon his moral values and his best interest for the company and his co-workers. As stated in the article, many employees of Amazon have stated their concerns about the safety regulations Amazon has put in place and that they don’t feel the company is doing enough. 

One of Amazon’s core values which can be viewed on its website is to “earn trust”. Although this value was likely a reference to customers, should the value of earning trust not apply to the employees as well? If Amazon’s employees cannot trust the company with providing them a safe and secure workplace, the company could run into some major long term issues. Amazon should do what they can on a daily basis to ensure the health and safety of all employees. 

To summarize, the decision made by Tim Bray to resign from Amazon due to concerns about how the company is dealing with the current pandemic situation was a completely valid action. Bray was acting on behalf of his moral values as should everyone in a situation concerning the health and safety of others. Amazon should be doing what it can to help employees feel safe and secure in the workplace.