We spoke with Angella Hughes, owner of Glomalin about the purpose of her company, the why behind her company, the how behind her company, and any advice she would give aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Glomalin is a skincare company that manufactures and sells skincare products with ingredients that are all organic! Glomalin started around 4 years ago and has seen all kinds of success since. Glomalin products can be purchased online at https://glomalin.ca/ as well as at a variety of retail stores in the Orangeville Ontario area. 

When asked what the purpose of Glomalin is, Hughes responded saying the purpose of the company is to offer customers chemical-free, 100% organic products at an affordable and fair price. 

Glomalin was inspired by Angella’s goal of living a healthy and organic lifestyle and when she couldn’t find an organic skincare line that she liked, she decided to start her own! Angella is currently the only Glomalin employee but she plans to hire a team in the future as sales continue to climb. 

We spoke with Angella about her experience being an entrepreneur as she has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. When asked what piece of advice she would give aspiring entrepreneurs, her response was to secure your first client as soon as possible. When marketing your product or service, you should already have at least one client that uses your products for testimonial purposes. Angella discussed how she managed to get her first Glomalin client and it was all thanks to free samples. She gave a select group of friends and family samples of her products and asked them to try it out. The group liked the products so much that they are all now returning customers. 

Angella also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to network and make as many connections as possible as you never know who you might meet! She has reached out to many individuals in the skincare industry and has even obtained a mentor! Don’t be afraid to ask for help as a new entrepreneur and try and connect with others in your field. 

Glomalin has a variety of different marketing strategies but has found the most success with writing blogs. Angella believes that it is important to educate her customers on the ingredients that go into Glomalin products and what health benefits they have. Angella writes blog posts about a variety of different topics and posts them all to her website!

Glomalin is an organic skincare company that strives to offer customers with products that are safe and chemical-free and an affordable price! It is obvious that Glomalin owner Angella Hughes is passionate about her company and wants to offer her customers safe, high-quality products! 
To learn more about Glomalin and check out all of their amazing products, visit https://glomalin.ca/