We spoke with Hardik Pandya, owner of Dryleaf about a number of things including his startup company, the purpose of his company, and his incredible student to startup journey. He provided us with great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs as he was once one himself!

Dryleaf is a Calgary based startup company that manufactures and sells a unique line of dinnerware made from fallen leaves! Dryleaf sells a variety of products including bowls, plates, trays, and more! The company’s unique business plan allows them to create high-quality products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Dryleaf started in 2018 and has seen all kinds of success since.

When asked what the purpose of Dryleaf is, Pandya responded saying the main goal of the company is to reduce plastic waste in our environment and to provide consumers with environmentally friendly products! Pandya has always been interested in a healthy lifestyle which includes the products he uses to serve food! 

Dryleaf was inspired by Pandya’s love for the outdoors! After his university graduation, Pandya made the move to Calgary Alberta where he spent much of his time outdoors! He began to notice an increasing amount of debris and waste within hiking trails which inspired him to create a more environmentally friendly and biodegradable solution! The use of fallen leaves used to make the Dryleaf products was inspired by ancient Indian culture as it was common to create things out of fallen leaves!

Hardik Pandya has been an entrepreneur for a number of years now and has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject as his father is also an entrepreneur. We asked Pandya what piece of advice he would give aspiring entrepreneurs, his response was to base your business idea on a solution. For example, Pandya wanted to find a solution to reducing debris and waste in the environment which lead him to create Dryleaf products. Focusing your business on a solution will allow you to be more passionate about your business which always leads to success!

When starting his entrepreneurship journey, Pandya kept in mind that it was important to him that he give back to his community and environment through his business and that he continues to benefit society through his products. As an entrepreneur, it is important that your personal values are evident in your business and Pandya has done just that with Dryleaf! 

Dryleaf is a startup company that manufactures and sells a variety of dinnerware products made of fallen leaves! Owner of Dryleaf, Hardik Pandya has had an incredible student to startup journey and it is obvious that he is very passionate about his business! 

To learn more about Dryleaf and to check out all of their amazing products, visit https://www.dryleaf.ca/!