Social Media marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing in today’s business world and there are a variety of different platforms that this kind of marketing can be carried out on. Instagram is a very versatile platform that is a great option for lots of businesses! We’ve made a list of 5 tips on effectively marketing your business using Instagram below.

  1. Make sure you follow industry-related accounts

Keep an eye out for other business accounts that are related to your business and engage with their most recent posts! It is likely that these accounts will follow you back which is a great way to start a collaboration! Go through the followers for these other accounts and follow individuals that you think may be interested in your business!

  1. Do hashtag research

Hashtag research is essential as hashtags are what will draw traffic to your posts! Research hashtags related to your industry and post them in the comments section of each of your posts! Make sure your hashtags are accurate and related to the content in your posts.

  1. Post Regularly

Posting content on your business account on a daily basis is important as it will ensure followers stay engaged. Create a posting schedule and use a site like hootsuite to schedule your Instagram posts!

  1. Collaborate with other accounts

Reach out to other accounts related to your business and ask for a collaboration! A collaboration can mean a variety of different things. It could be a shoutout on their page, a combined contest, or a giveaway! This is a great way to expose your business to a whole new set of potential customers!

  1. Run Instagram contests 

Instagram contests are a great way to involve customers in your business and a great engagement opportunity! Post a question on your Instagram page and ask followers to give their best answer! Take everyone who engaged and enter them in a contest with one of your products as the prize! This is a great strategy to engage followers.