If you own a business or work as a content creator, it is likely that you are creating marketing content on a daily or weekly basis! There are many different varieties of content that can be used to market a business including videos, infographics, and social media posts! It’s important that the content you are using to market your business is effective and engaging as that is what will draw potential customers to your business! We’ve created a list of 5 tips for creating effective content below!

  1. Use the three colour rule

It’s a good idea to limit your designs to 3 colours maximum. If your infographics and social media posts have more than three colours, it can be quite overwhelming to look at and can turn followers away! Choose 2-3 colours that complement each other and implement them into your content!

  1. Use a strategic layout 

Your content creations should have a strategic layout that best displays the message you are trying to deliver. Some design elements that you should consider when choosing a layout are font size, image location, font colour, and the background colour of the design! 

  1. Include a maximum of two pictures

Just like the three colour rule, you should also put a limit on the number of images you include. Including more than 2 pictures can be overwhelming to look at and can also turn potential customers away! Choose 1-2 pictures that really represent the message you are trying to deliver and include them in your content!

  1. Have a unique design element 

Implementing a design element that is unique to your business is a great idea that will help build your brand! It could be your business logo or a specific colour that is related to your business! Implementing a unique design element into your content creations will make it easier for followers to recognize your business!

  1. Choose colours that relate to your business 

Implement the same colours into your content creations that you use to decorate your store, design your logo, and use for your packaging! Keeping a consistent theme of colours will make it easier for customers and potential customers to recognize your business!