Growth strategies can look different for small businesses than it would for larger-scale businesses but there are still lots of options! There are a variety of different growth strategies small business owners can implement to grow their sales! We’ve listed 4 growth strategies for small businesses below!

  1. Market development 

Market development is essentially the extended promotion of existing products or services. This could mean launching your product in a new location or offering new features! Market development is a great option for small businesses as it doesn’t require the development of a new product or service!

  1. Product differentiation

If you own a small business that has a lot of competitors in the industry, product differentiation is a great growth strategy to choose! Product differentiation is a strategy used to make a specific product or service stand out! It’s important to implement product differentiation as it will allow your brand to standout amongst the others in the industry!

  1. Partnerships 

Engaging in a partnership is also a great growth strategy for small businesses! By partnering with another brand, you are exposing your brand to a whole new customer base! By implementing this, your businesses sales will climb! Choose a business that could also benefit from partnering with your buisness! This is a simple but effective growth strategy that all small businesses should consider!

  1. Acquisition

Acquisition is essentially the purchasing of another business. This would be a good growth strategy for small businesses that are looking to become larger scale. By purchasing another small business, you are increasing your customer base which means your sales will grow! Before considering this option, be sure it is in your budget as this can be quite a costly option.