If you’re looking to start your own business, it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand! There are lots of industries that have an increasing growth rate and those are generally the best industries to start a business in! There are other elements to look at before choosing an industry like barriers to entry and the number of competitors so it’s important to do extensive research. We’ve created a list of 5 booming industries for entrepreneurs below!

  1. Health and fitness

The health and fitness industry is continuing to grow more and more every year with lots of different fitness trends popping up often! Not only is health and fitness as an industry growing but specifically, personal fitness! If you’re into fitness and have the right credentials, this may be an option for you to look into!

  1. Self-development

Self-development is becoming more and more popular as passion projects and mental health are being given more attention! Self-development is a great industry to start a business in because not only will it have lots of attraction, but you will also get to help people become better versions of themselves!

  1. Travel

Although the current pandemic is making travel nearly impossible at the moment, it is still a booming industry that should be considered! There are lots of different opportunities in the travel industry including travel agencies, hospitality (hotels, etc.), and even a vacation planner/itinerary planner!

  1. Health foods

In today’s society, health and fitness is becoming more and more important which leads the industry growth rates to skyrocket! The health food industry in specific is a great industry for entrepreneurs as it requires low start-up costs and can allow for product differentiation!

  1. Sustainable goods

The sustainable goods industry is always a good option as it allows you to help others make a difference in the environment! The sustainable goods industry is another one that allows for product differentiation as there are so many options! Some examples of sustainable goods include metal straws and reusable containers.