If you’re a marketing professional but don’t know what your career options are, then this article is for you! Marketing is a very broad field of work and there are tons of different job opportunities to choose from! Because there are a variety of different marketing elements, there are also a variety of job titles related to the field! We’ve compiled a list of 3 career paths for marketing professionals below!

  1. Public relations specialist 

A public relations specialist is an individual responsible for creating a strong and positive reputation for a specific company. There are many different tasks that public relations specialists incur on a daily basis including public promotions like events and fundraisers, organizing partnerships with other brands, and engaging with the public to create a company-consumer relationship. Public relations is a great field for marketing professionals to work in as it is related to marketing in a variety of different ways!

  1. Brand manager

Similar to a public relations specialist, a brand manager is responsible for maintaining value and performance for a specific brand. The brand manager’s tasks include designing marketing strategies that will directly impact the brand image as well as the brand’s profit. Some tasks that a brand manager will incur on a daily basis include designing marketing strategies, promoting the brand, creating content related to the brand, and maintaining customer relations. 

  1. Social media manager 

A social media manager is an individual that plans, designs, and implements a social media strategy for a variety of different platforms. Some common platforms that social media managers work with include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! A social media manager is tasked with promoting a specific brand on their social media platforms! A social media manager is often in charge of niche and trend research as well as content creation based on this research. Social media managers upkeep the brand’s persona through a variety of different social media posts.