For a lot of business owners, the COVID-19 pandemic has had negative impacts on their sales and revenue which can lead to long-term impacts. Although it can be nearly impossible to promote sales using face-to-face methods, there are other strategies and resources that can be used in the meantime! Continue reading to find out more. 

  1. Ensure your products can be shipped

If you own a product-based business and are losing sales due to the pandemic, not to worry! Reach out to frequent customers and offer them free shipping of their favourite products. It is likely that they still want to purchase your products during the pandemic and shipping the products is a safe way to make a sale! You can even hand-deliver products to local customers to save on shipping costs!

  1. Utilize online sales platforms 

Another way to continue making sales during the COVID-19 pandemic is to utilize online sales platforms. Platforms that are great for selling products online include Etsy, Amazon, and even Ebay! Before jumping into the online sales world, be sure your products can be shipped and that your shipping procedures are COVID safe!

  1. Promote on social media 

Because it can be hard to promote and market your products in a store environment or using face-to-face methods due to the pandemic, tons of business owners are turning to social media marketing. Social media marketing allows you to connect and engage with customers while keeping everybody safe. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram even offer paid advertising which will draw more attention to your products.