Have you been asked to work from home due to the pandemic? Then this article is for you! Having a workspace that is organized, inspiring, and quiet is important for all business professionals in all environments and a home office is no exception! Having a home office that helps you be just as productive as you were in the office is key and we’ve listed some tips below.

  1. Take your time choosing furniture

Purchasing the right furniture is important for your home office as you will likely be using and looking at it almost every day. Having practical furniture is key so that means having a desk with lots of storage, a filing cabinet that is easily accessible, and other practical items like some kind of desk light and a holder for any office supplies!

  1. Choose inspiring decor 

Your home office should be filled with lots of items that inspire you to work hard and accomplish your goals. This may be a painting of your favourite city, a print of an inspiring quote, or a vision board of specific goals! Take your time when decorating your home office so it can be a space that inspires you!

  1. Stay organized

This may be the most important part of your home office as a messy and cluttered workspace can be quite distracting and may hinder your productivity. Try and avoid having random papers all over your desk and try and utilize the storage units within your desk. Only keep items on the surface of your desk if they are crucial to the task at hand. Keep on top of filing paperwork to stay focused and productive. 

  1. Invest in a good office chair

Being comfortable in your home office is also important as it will help you be more productive! It is recommended that you invest in an office chair that is both supportive and comfortable as you will likely be sitting in it for multiple hours a day!

  1. Utilize natural light 

Having lots of natural lighting in your home office will keep you more alert during your workday and may even reduce fatigue! Try organizing your home office so your desk is in front of or close to a window! Utilizing natural lighting is also a great way to save on lighting costs.