If you’re a marketing professional looking for a career change, or maybe a marketing major fresh out of school, you’re probably wondering what your career options are! There are a variety of different career options for marketing specialists and they all require different skills! Continue reading to learn more. 

  1. Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Managers essentially take care of a companies reputation and customer interaction! All companies need to maintain a positive relationship with the public and their customers and that is exactly what a Public Relations Manager is hired to do.

  1. Brand Manager

Similar to a Public Relations Manager, a Brand Manager is tasked with upkeeping a companies image and reputation. A Brand Manager is responsible for the companies partnerships, brand aesthetics, product lines, and more! Keeping a consistent, positive image is the main responsibility of a Brand Manager. 

  1. Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is tasked with running company social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some daily tasks of a Social Media Manager include content creation, customer engagement, live streams, and post scheduling! With social media being a very popular marketing tool in today’s business world, lots of businesses are looking to hire social media managers. 

  1. Event Coordinator 

An important marketing strategy is face-to-face interaction with clients and customers. Hosting live events for your business is a great way to get customers more involved in your business and to build brand loyalty. The main responsibility of an Event Coordinator is to plan and execute these events and build a company’s customer base in the meantime!