For many, creating art is just a hobby, but who says it can’t be a business as well? Creating an income from your art may be a slow process but can be worth it in the end! Not only will you be doing work you’re passionate about, but you’re also getting your work out there in the eye of the public. Follow these steps to turn your art into a business!

  1. Get to know your target market

This may be the most important step as it is how you will gain clients. Knowing what kind of customer will appreciate your work and pay a price for your work is crucial to the success of your business. Do some research and figure out the demographics of your target market and start marketing to this customer base!

  1. Create a simple business plan

A business plan will be a very helpful resource in the beginning stages of your business and should be referred to on a daily basis. Your business plan should include marketing strategies, core values and mission statements, financial statements, and any goals you have for your business. For more information on how to create a business plan, check out our article on the topic!

  1. Reach out to potential clients

It’s not enough to just create a business plan and a website, you actually have to put in the work and reach out to potential clients! Use the connections you have and send out a brief email explaining what your business is about and when you plan on launching your business. If you don’t have a lot of connections yourself, reach out to friends, and see if they know of anyone that might be interested! Reaching out to potential clients and sharing your business is a great way to turn potential clients into paying clients. 

If you’re passionate about your art and want to turn it into more than just a hobby, follow these 3 steps to start making an income from your art!