Art World Issue 2 May 2021 by The Marketer Magazine

Annie Pootoogook (1969-2016) – A Life of Powerful Art & Tragedy

Returning the Benin Bronzes

No story in Canadian art history is quite as tragic as that of Annie Pootoogook.  Celebrated for her simplistic drawings of everyday life in Northern Canada, she captured her home life in detail.  She depicted her experiences, from the mundane to the frightening, in ways that no other Inuk artist had.  Annie shot to fame and won prestigious awards for her work, and as an artist, she was incredibly successful.  Personally, she struggled with a violent past, which followed her even as she tried to escape to Ottawa.  Her life was heartbreakingly cut short far too early.

Stan Douglas – Master of Multimedia Exploration

Mary Pratt headshot photo with her painting

Stan Douglas, a multidisciplinary artist, was born in Vancouver, BC, in 1960. As an African Canadian growing up in a primarily white and middle-class neighborhood, his art explores essential topics such as racial identity, class disparity, and pivotal historical incidents. He attended the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver and graduated in 1982 and was a young feature the following year at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s installation of Vancouver: Art and Artists 1931–1983. Although his artistic endeavors resulted in travels to places such as Cuba, New York, Lisbon, and many more, his hometown of Vancouver plays a vital role in his research into transitional periods. 

Sobey Art Award Announces long list of 25 Canadian artists for 2021.

National Gallery of Canada-2021 Sobey Art Award Announces the 25 longlist sobey art award

This year brings some great news for a selection of Canadian artists longlisted for the Sobey 2021 Art Award. The award will be presented in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada. It features twenty-five visual contemporary artists that have been selected from across the five regions of the country. Rob Sobey, Chair of the Sobey Art Foundation, explains the vast participation and variety that the awards have attracted this year “The unprecedented number of first-time longlisted artists resonates loudly with the Sobey Art Foundation’s commitment to amplifying new voices. I am pleased to see such an exciting array of emerging artists.”

Top 7 Most Artsy Cities to Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic Ends

Rebecca Belmore Indigenous Canadian Artist

Covid-19 has affected travel globally, limiting our ability to visit new destinations. With closed borders and a ban on international travel, many who would normally be traveling the globe have been forced to come home, and stay home. When the restrictions lift, some estimates say that the pent-up demand will be enormous. So how do you choose which city to take off your bucket list? We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 most artsy cities to travel to after the pandemic ends.


eBay Joins the NFT Trading Market

Arts Umbrella New Vancouver Facility

Among a flurry of recent headlines that feature non-fungible tokens (NFTs), eBay announced last week that it would allow sales of the blockchain-driven collectibles on its e-commerce platform. This comes as cryptography experts at the RSA Conference lashed out against NFTs, likening their ownership to a game of Monopoly where people pretend to own a piece of the real world. NFTs only provide a certificate of ownership for an item or file – it does not guarantee physical possession or prevent a file from being reproduce

Bob Dylan – Retrospecrum

Alex Colville Canadian Painter

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on art galleries and museums, forcing their extended closure for the better part of fourteen months. As cities begin to emerge from lockdown and restrictions loosen, galleries are putting their best offerings forward and announcing exciting exhibitions to drive interest back to the art scene.


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