Wow… It’s been a while!

As all the participants for TMAC2021 know, we will be announcing the winners this Friday, April 15! #SAVETHEDATE

But… We have been (very) quiet because we have been hard at work, to launch more than just the #TMAC2021 gallery.

Many of you have supported us from the start, and many others have been joining us along the way, which is why we want to share some key projects that have been possible because of your support.

Here is a Timeline of what’s to come

Starting April 15, 2022

  • Launch of TMAC2022 Art Gallery – which will include the Top 53 Artworks out of 1,000+ submitted pieces.
  • Launch of CanArtGallery – A brand new place for Canadian Artists to sell their artwork.
    • With the network we have created with artists and art enthusiasts over the past several years, we are excited to bring even more value to Canadian Artists by supporting the incredible work they do by providing a place to sell that art to our network, who are very eager to purchase Original Canadian Artwork.
    • We want to change the way Canadian Artists are charged commission fees. We don’t believe that 40-50%+ of a sale should go to a place or person that didn’t create the work. Our only fee will be a 15% Administration Fee, which will support our website costs, staffing, media creation, curation, and other expenses that contribute to bringing more value to Canadian Artists.
  • Launch of our YouTube Channel – We want to share our artists in as many places as we can, and our brand new YouTube channel will just be another way to showcase interviews with artists like yourself, share artworks, and much much more.

Starting May 15, 2022

  • The Marketer Magazine will be renamed to CanArt MagOur magazine has grown to become a home for Canadian Art. Our current name, which started off as a small blog speaking about marketing and design does not represent our present and future as a place dedicated to supporting Canadian visual arts, which is why you will see all our branding change to CanArt Mag as of May 15, 2022
  • A New Website! – Yes, we may have become jealous of the beautiful work we have seen from the past 2 years of #TMAC, which has led to us working on a brand new online art magazine. This website will…
    • Be beautiful! – We are carefully designing, branding, and creating a user experience we think you will love.
    • Carryover all the content from our current website, including our stories, and the #TMAC2020 & #TMAC2021 gallery.
    • Involve and support Canadian Artists through more digital mediums including shoutouts, interviews (maybe with you?!), and much more.
  • Launch of #CanArt2022 – The upcoming #TMAC2022/The Marketer Art Competition 2022 will be renamed #CanArt2022 to match our rebranding/renaming.
    • We expect well over 1,000 artworks to be submitted for #CanArt2022. More details coming soon…
  • Launch of #CanArtDigital2022 – We have lost count of how many incredible digital artists have asked for a Digital Art Competition

    …And you know what? IT’S FINALLY COMING! (And we are working on a solution to help you sell your digital art through NFTs)
    • Yes, you heard that right, we are planning the #CanArtDigital2022 Art Competition, and the winning artists will be able to sell their Original Canadian Digital Artwork on the CanArt network as NFTs.

Phew! That’s all for now. Please keep an eye on your inbox and social on April 15, 2022. We can’t wait to show you the winning artworks of #TMAC2022